See you at the Boston ACS?

Roger, John and I will all be presenting talks at the upcoming 256th ACS National Meeting in Boston. There’s also a related talk by the folks at Chemspace about their integration of Arthor for substructure and similarity search. As an addition to the official ACS agenda app, John has put together a spreadsheet showing all the talks in CINF (and most in COMP) ordered by session and time which you may find useful.

9:50 Lewis, Westin CINF 11: De facto standard or a free-for-all? A benchmark for reading SMILES (Noel)
13:45 Harbor Ballroom III, Westin CINF 35: Structure searching for patent information: The need for speed (John)

16:25 Grand Ballroom E, Westin CINF 77: Building a bridge between human-readable and machine-readable representations of biopolymers (Noel)

10:25 Grand Ballroom A, Westin CINF 162: NextMove for Chemspace: Millisecond search in a database of 100 million structures (Oleksii Gavrylenko, Chemspace)
10:40 Lewis, Westin CINF 170: Regioselectivity: An application of expert systems and ontologies to chemical (named) reaction analysis (Roger)

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