Workshop at Bio-IT World on extraction of information from medicinal chemistry patents

Next month, at Bio-IT World, I will be co-hosting a workshop with Chris Southan (Guide to Pharmacology) and Paul Thiessen (PubChem) entitled “Digging Bioactive Chemistry Out of Patents Using Open Resources”. Chris Southan recently wrote about some of the untapped potential for the patent literature in drug discovery here.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Outline the statistics of patent chemistry in various open sources
  • Introduce a spectrum of open resources and tools
  • Enable a deeper understanding of target identification, bioactivity and SAR extraction from patents and also papers
  • Show ways to engage with medicinal chemistry patent mining
  • Include hands-on exercises

The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday 23rd May and the deadline for signups is the 14th of April registration is still open. For more information on the agenda of the workshop and to sign up head to here.

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