Peptide informatics at Bio-IT World

Congratulations to the Pistoia Alliance for winning this year’s Bio-IT World Best Practices Award for Informatics for the development of HELM, the Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules. As NextMove’s Sugar & Splice was cited in the submission as supporting HELM, we can claim a small part in helping them achieve this recognition.

Handling and interconverting peptide representations was also the topic of Lisa Sach-Peltason’s talk, “Peptide Informatics – Bridging the gap between small-molecule and large-molecule systems“. She described the peptide registration system that Roche have developed, in which Sugar & Splice has played a major role. One of the many challenges is that although non-standard amino acids make up 7% by frequency of amino acids used by Roche, over 88% of their peptides contain at least one non-standard amino acid.

And finally Roger presented a poster around the same topic, on the challenges of handling peptide line notations for biologics registration and patent filings:

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